IT Service

OPEX offers you outsource IT services of superior quality for both medium-sized and large enterprises. Our team is composed of professionals to help you implement and develop the infrastructure. Our task is to provide your IT services without interruption. We are ready to monitor and administer your corporate computer network and data centers 24/7 through the international ITIL system, which guarantees providing a stable and high-quality service.

Our advantages are:

  • Our team is composed of specialists with many years of experience in various fields
  • The centralized system of incident management and lots of experience gained by us guarantees the solution of any problem that has occurred in your company with great efficiency and in the shortest period of time
  • We will reduce your expenses, such as the salary of IT staff, pension fund and income tax, business trip and vacation expenses or expenses connected with arranging the staff workplaces (room, desk and computer equipment), utility costs, expenses spent on qualifying the employees, insurance, telephone costs and other benefits
  • You will not have to spend your time and human resources on managing the IT department and you will be able to devote more time to other important issues related to business development

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