Why is it necessary to ensure the security of IT infrastructure?

Hacker attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated nowadays. Therefore, ensuring the security of digital resources and network devices has become increasingly important. Cyber-security requires quite a lot of expenses, however a damage in security system may cost the company much more

At first glance, we might assume that the protection of IT infrastructure and information security is practically the same. However, these two areas belong to different fields of security. Information Security is a number of processes and tools which protect confidential corporate information from unauthorized leakage, while IT infrastructure security represents the protection of digital data by means of computer network security

We offer:

  • The protection of your computer networks from external attacks.
  • Various ways of monitoring and controlling your Internet and network usage.
  • Providing an organization with a centralized antivirus complex.
  • Providing an organization with a centralized antivirus complex.
  • Automatic information backup systems.

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